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Building a Village to Achieve Rural Prosperity

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Purwakarta District Military Commander, Captain Arm Amarudin, said To raise awareness and participation in building the village in order to realize the life of a dynamic, independent and prosperous society as a State apparatus, the TNI and the Regional Government are required not to dampen their intention and determination together to dedicate their dedication to a noble task through TMMD to keep building for the future of the Indonesian nation.

Similarly, it was submitted Paskod Kodim 0619 Purwakarta, Captain Arm Amarudin in his statement today.

"TNI Manunggal Activities Building a Village involving inter-agency is a manifestation of a common commitment to the people who at the same time become the obligation and responsibility to improve the welfare of rural communities," he explained.

TMMD program is this, he added, cross-sectoral program to the difficulties of the people who are in the area of ​​Kodim 0619 / Pwk then the 100th TMMD activities as of Bhakti TNI which aims to assist the Purwakarta Government in improving the welfare of the community through the development of Physical as well as consolidate the Unity of TNI- People in order to prepare a strong space and fighting conditions.

The 100th TMMD target includes 2 villages: Manawali Village and Kiara Pedes Village.

"Road facilities are needed by the community in 2 villages to facilitate transportation economy in the area," he concluded. (Hadi)

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