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For the sake of TMMD Success, Babinsa Active Communication with Citizens

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On the sidelines of the implementation of the 100th TMMD Kodim 0619 Purwakarta, precisely in the Village District Wanawali Kiara Pedes Purwakarta, Babinsa members who are members of the Task Force TMMD seems to actively communicate with citizens.

These efforts they do with the intention that at the time of implementation there is no serious problem, and if there is a problem will be easy to overcome.

"Active communication with citizens is also part of the success of the TMMD program," said Captain Arm Amarudin, today.

He said the people around Wanawali Village are very happy with the activity plan that will be done by TMMD task force. So citizens who are so friendly, already consider the members of the Task Force as their own citizens.

Communications of Bintara Pembina Desa serda Carwita together with the Village of Margaluyu Kiarapedes District explains the existence of TMMD 100 activities to the local community.

On that occasion many Citizens were happy and thanked the Babinsa Desa Margaluyu (Koramil 1901 / Wanayasa Kodim 0619 Purwakarta) for their cooperation, having noticed the obstacles faced by the Citizens here.

Among them about the road, in addition to that also the Members of Babinsa also always actively provide advice and information. Fostering the community to create a smooth cooperation in every activity.

Babinsa Desa Margaluyu, also convey about the development of Kamtibmas situation around the activity site. Until now, Kamtibmas situation in Margaluyu Village is still controlled and safe. Nevertheless, the vigilance is still enhanced by Pam Swakarsa through Siskamling activities to ensure that the security situation is always calm and conducive. (Hadi)

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