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Letkol. Inf Ari Maulana: TMMD Program Benefits the People

SundaPos.Com | Dandim 0619 / Purwakarta, Lieutenant Colonel Ari Maulana S. Sos said the TMMD program being launched by his side aims to provide great benefits for rural communities.

In the context of the interests of development acceleration and as an effective and efficient and productive breakthrough in line with the government's determination to spur the creativity and empowerment of village communities.

"This program is very helpful to the citizens, especially to facilitate the economic sector, TNI with its social sensitivity and awareness, can develop social communication and empower the surrounding community to work together and socialize and instill awareness to defend the country," he said.

In addition to the physical program, also held non-physical programs such as counseling national insight, law and kamtibnas, employment. Other activities are family planning and health services, agriculture and forestry, and drug hazard counseling.

"So the existence of TNI to build infrastructure and infrastructure in the area is very relevant. In the context of development acceleration, TMMD can be considered as an effective, efficient and productive breakthrough, "said Lekol Inf. Ari Maulana

In addition, with the TMMD program is very helpful in terms of economy that can open a new job for the community because of the difficulty of this final job.

Wanawali Village is one of the villages as the liaison of Cibatu Sub-district with Cipedes Sub-district so that the program of these villages can greatly feel its benefits by opening new road access makes it easy to transport the crops to the community.

"By opening access road between District Cibatu with Cipedes, it is expected the economy will increase because of the easy transfortasi," he explained.

In addition, according to Dandim 0619 / Purwakarta, there is a non-physical target program is also very helpful for the community, in addition to get free health services and they also can know the importance of healthy living and the dangers of drugs for health and provide knowledge about latent danger communist and other radical understanding through insight nationality provided by the extension team.

"So in general the TMMD program to -100 is very useful for citizens to equitable Village Development and as a means to invite all components of society to keep the State of the Republic of Indonesia," he concluded (Hadi)

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