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Lettu Arm Witopo: Manunggal with Key People The success of TMMD

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For a soldier not only great weapons to secure the territory of the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI), the Indonesian National Army (TNI), which is usually identified with a strong character so as to make it respected also must have a side of softness and a sense of humanity, .

Thus it was delivered Pasi intel lettu Arm Witopo in his statement to the editor, today (17/09).

He explained that the presence of the TNI in the community, especially in times of crisis, such as a disaster or a conflict, can certainly provide peace and security.

"But, not only during the disaster or conflict, the TNI wants to be with the community, and whenever and wherever the TNI always wants to be close and meaningful to the people, especially those who are far away in remote areas," he said.

He believes that the 100th Army of Manunggal Building the Village (TMMD) to be carried out by Kodim 0619 in kab.purwakarta is one of the ways of the TNI to show their devotion to the people and the Indonesian nation.

"With TMMD, TNI is becoming a part of society, helping to raise the spirit of mutual cooperation, helping to improve the welfare of the people through development in various fields both physical and non physical, which ultimately leads to the strengthening of the unity of the TNI and the people."

As is known, TMMD Ke 100 Kodim 0619 to be implemented in Purwakarta district with a new road building program that connects two sub-districts in purwakarta district along 7200 m and width of 5 m is aimed at the prosperity of the community, especially those domiciled in sub-district kiara pedes and kecamatan cibatu. The form of synergy between the TNI and the community will be formed in line with the construction of new roads connecting the two sub-districts. (Hadi)

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