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Village Figures Wanawali Proud of TMMD Program

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Elder Wanawali Village Kec Cibatu Purwakarta Regency is feeling bungah and happy to hear the news in his village will be built through the path of TMMD program.

Although he was already 80 years old, Yudianto - one of the elders Wanawali Village, District Cibatu, District Purwakarta untouched to bergiat themselves again.

He was happy because at this time, to travel to his garden must be traversed with a hike and full of hills.

"My garden I have owned since I was single, but this garden is never maintained still shrubbery, with TMMD to 100 Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta which will soon be held eventually I can go to the garden again," he said.

Therefore, even though just heard the news, Yudianto feel bungah because his dream has been granted, because of course making new roads in his village that will be passed for the vehicle wheels 4 and wheel 2.

"I am 80 years old now, I am old I can not afford to walk, but right now I am able to ride 2 wheels driven by my grandchildren," he added.

"That is a bit of an example for all of us, although it is still in the construction of a new 7200 m long road and a width of 5 meters people are waiting for the construction of the road connecting the two sub-districts (kec kec kiara pedes and kec kec cibatu)

The grandfather continued, the first result of the garden can not be brought a lot to be marketed because it must bear a heavy burden, most just just.

"But now we who have a garden here can also bring all our garden produce, because the vehicle is able to enter, not have to bear again," he said.

He is grateful for TMMD's plan to 100 Kodim 0619 / Purwakarta "May TNI always stick with the people and the TNI is getting better," he said. (Hadi)

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